Saturday, July 28, 2007

Never be

My heart is yearning
Without you, I'm slowly dying
How can I ever be happy
When you and I can never be?

I see you but can not touch you
I know you love me the way I love you
But things are holding us back
We're from different worlds, that's the painful fact.

What else can we do?
Give up, we just have to
Go far away... stay away
"I love you", I never again would say.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The crying child

I heard a voice
I heard it twice
But where?

A child-like scream
Is it just in my dream?
I opened my eyes wide
Is there a place this child can hide?

Out of nowhere, a mild silhouette
Quite unclear, it's the child I bet.
The image became clearer
Goosebumps, I shivered in fear.

An evil black creature just staring
I can't move, I think I'm dying.
I fear the worse
My heart, in fear wants to burst.

It came closer and closer
The cry I heard became such horror
What is this in front of me?
The devil! That's what I see.

I pulled myself together
I got to move or I'll regret this forever
Finally! Was able to run so fast
I tried to shout, but my strength didn't last.

A friend came and saw me in such horror
I breathe and relaxed, told my story of terror.
My friend was in shock and felt a chill in the air
We ran away, to come back we never would dare!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I fear...

I feel this fear
What is it that I hear?
There's fear in the air
I can feel it, I swear.

Is there a place for me to go?
Can I hide? I really don't know
I want to be in a place I'm safe, but where?
The enemies are found everywhere.

Should I hide or should I run?
Either of which, I would still be gone.
In the end, I know my fate
Running or escaping, death won't come late.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Being a friend

"Being a friend is a choice
It's a matter of decision
If you choose to be a friend
You'll be one 'til the end."

Nobody can compare you
Nobody can dissent you
If you love with no condition
You'll be a friend from then on.

It is really a choice,
Will you be that person's voice?
It is really a conviction,
Will there be no desertion?

Up to you,
Up to you...
I chose to be a friend
And I'll be one... 'til the end.